Dame Hannah Rogers School.

Vacancy advertisement

Wanted, capable Woman in Girls Home to supervise and assist girls in work knowledge of plain cooking, housework and laundry. Churchwoman; early riser; age 35 – Patron Lady Roger’s School Ivybridge.


Devon and Exeter Gazette 16th July 1914.

Council Meeting - 1923

Ivybridge Urban Council who recently wrote to the Minister of Labour asking if some Government orders could not be placed with the Ivybridge Paper Mills, at their meeting yesterday received an assurance that the matter should be considered.


Mr H Blight presided, and a letter was read from Major Passey granting permission for shrubs to be planted on the land behind the War Memorial. It was decided to carry out this improvement.


In connection with the Woodland drainage and water scheme, it was resolved that Mr Francis be asked to meet the chairman and surveyor, and discuss the matter with the whole Council immediately afterwards, so that the work could be carried out without delay.


Mr Venn called attention to the state of the water cart and the fire escape which he said had become obsolete. It was recommended that the Fire Brigade be reorganised and the matter was referred to the Special Purposes Committee.


Mr Edwards proposed that the County be approached with a view to remaking the main road at the end of Western Road. This was seconded by Mr Martin and agreed to unanimously.


Mr S H Lee proposed that the question of salaries and wages of all the Council’s officials and employees be reconsidered, and that the whole of the Council meet in committee for the purpose.


Mr Edwards seconded, and it was carried. The Council agreed to meet next Monday.


Western Morning news and Mercury Tuesday 6th November 1923.

Ivybridge Fanciers – Inaugural Exhibition

The first exhibition of the Ivybridge and District Poultry and Pigeon Society was held with conspicuous success in the Old Tannery Ivybridge yesterday.  The society now has about 100 members. Mr R H Hughes of Stowford Lodge, is the president. The hon secs. are Messrs’ W E Dennis and R P Clapperton of Ivybridge and both showed great energy and skill in dealing with the exhibition. The judges were Messrs’ A R Govett of Plymouth (poultry); E Rowe of Plymouth (Pigeons); Mrs Carter Allen of Ivybridge.


There were nearly 400 exhibits which was considered highly satisfactory, some of the birds coming from Huddersfield and Lincoln. The latter were Sicilian flower birds, a breed in which Mr Clapperton was greatly interested. Amongst the birds sent out from Huddersfield and Lincoln were the first and cup winner at Olympia, and the winners at the International at the Crystal Palace.


The outstanding class in yesterday’s show was that for soft feathered chickens (pairs) which included all breeds except game, there being 28 entries. Other features were the classes for Rhode Island, old English game, and Plymouth Rocks. Devon County winners included among the latter were the exhibits of that well known exhibitor Mr W E Dennis of Ivybridge. All the other classes filled well.


The show was opened by Mrs Clapperton in the absence of the president.


Ivybridge prize winners included J Pellow, C Curson, W E Dennis, Frank Baker, A J Edwards, R H Clapperton, J C Jasper, R Baber, A Hart, H H Endicott, W Freeman, E J Crowle, J H Westlake, C E Varcoe.


Western Morning News and Mercury Thursday July 10th 1924.

School Headmaster Mr Luxton

Death of Council School headmaster. Mr Fred Luxton, of Belle Vue, Ivybridge died suddenly on Thursday night at the Prince of Wales’s Hospital, Greenbank Road, Plymouth where he had undergone an operation.


Mr Luxton, who was born at Ottery St Mary was 44. He went to Ivybridge as headmaster of the Council School 12 years ago, which position he held up to the time of his death. He was also Ivybridge correspondent of “The Western Morning news” for a short period.


He was secretary of Ivybridge Bowling Club and a member of Erme Lodge of Freemasons. Prior to going to Ivybridge he was a member of Salem Lodge at Dawlish during his time at Ottery St Mary. He had been elected a member at Ivybridge Parish Council which recently took the place of the Urban Council.


Mr Luxton entered the hospital about a week ago, and his death was quite unexpected. He was keenly interested in sport. Mr Luxton leaves a widow, one son and a daughter. The funeral will take place at Ottery St Mary.


Western Morning News and Mercury Saturday March 30th 1935.

Native of Ivybridge

Con. Charles Mugridge of “A “ Division Metropolitan Police, a native of Ivybridge, received the good wishes of Members of Parliament departing from the House of Commons yesterday for the Summer recess on his intending retirement.


Con. Mugridge joined the Metropolitan Police in 1910 and has spent a great part of his service at the Houses of Parliament. Since 1930 he has been stationed at the responsible post at the Members’ entrance in the Palace Yard, where he has had to prevent the intrusion of unauthorized persons such as “cranks” with a grievance and visitors who think that acquaintance with a member gives them right of entrance.


He knows all the 615 Members of Parliament at a glance and no unauthorized stranger has ever escaped his vigilance.


His father. Mr W Mugridge, who is 80 years of age and was formerly a haulier, and his mother still live at 46, Fore Street, Ivybridge.


Con. Mugridge retires on August 23rd when he plans to return to his native town.


 Western Morning News and Daily Gazette Saturday August 3rd 1935.

Electricity for Ivybridge to be Supplied by Plympton RDC

A decision authorizing the Council to supply electricity for all public and private purposes within the parish of Ivybridge was taken at a special meeting of Plympton Rural Council yesterday.


Ivybridge was added to the Plympton district by the Devon review Order of 1935. The present price of electricity in Plympton is 5d unit. In Ivybridge it is 10d.


Mr P Loosemore, Clerk to the Council said it was proposed to run a high tension voltage main from Plympton through Sparkwell and Lutton via Lee Mill to a sub-station at Ivybridge. Minimum and low voltage distribution would be supplied to Ivybridge. The station would have accommodation for extension and the scheme provided for 60 street lamps.


Western Morning News and Gazette 3rd June 1937

Consecration of Cemetery Extension

A portion of Ivybridge Cemetery was consecrated by the Bishop of Plymouth yesterday.


Plympton Rural Council are about to acquire a comparatively large area of adjoining land for the extension of the cemetery, and yesterday’s ceremony was necessary as an interim measure. Only a few grave spaces remain in the previously consecrated portion of the enclosure.


The Bishop was accompanied by the vicar of Cornwood (Rev, G H B Coleridge) and Rev. F C Howell (Vicar of Brixton). Also present were the chairman of Plympton Rural Council, (Mr J F Hollow, who read the partition), Mr P T Loosemore (clerk), Mr A J Edwardes (Ivybridge), Mr G C Leigh (chairman of the Parish Council), Mr W H Thompson (Plympton Council engineer and surveyor), and Mr L R Sandover.


In a brief address the Bishop spoke of the significance and importance of the ceremony to those of the faith.


The Western Morning News Wednesday August 16th 1944.

£100 bequest

In leaving £100 to his cowman and farmhand, Captain Arthur Guy Sparrow, RN retired, of Cleeve, Ivybridge, Devon, stated in his will that the bequest was made to Edgar Windsor, “as a small appreciation of many years of faithful service. During all this service I seldom saw him smile, but I never saw him angry”.


Captain Sparrow, who left £12,712 also bequeathed £100 to his gardener, George Murrell, of whom he wrote, “It was always a pleasure to have a yarn with him. His mind was in his job and his knowledge was great. I enjoyed greatly just looking round and planning for next year with him and during all his service I have never had an angry word with him”.


The Nottingham Evening Post Saturday 6th March 1948.