Timeline Schools in Ivybridge

Schools in Ivybridge Timeline

Timeline Schools in Ivybridge

Schools in Ivybridge Timeline

Timeline 1789 – Current Day

  • ‘Wanted, in the village of Ivy-Bridge, a person that would keep a school, for instructing Young Ladies in every necessary qualification. For particulars apply to Miss Vavafour, Ivy-Bridge July 21 1789’.

  • Academies listed in Pigot’s Directory, Eliza Moysey (ladies) Robert Moysey (gentlemen) and Mrs Taylor (ladies).

  • Rev. T.Brown’s Classical and Mathematical School

  • William Harbern Schoolmaster

  • Infant School established (no known location)

  • John Fincher and William Mackay listed as Schoolmasters

  • John Fincher Schoolmaster

  • Ivybridge National School built

  • School came under the board school trusteeship of the minister and wardens of St John’s Church, Ivybridge

  • Mr Lake, Headmaster, until 1904

  • From this date and until 1885, the school came under the Ermington School Board

  • Dame Hannah Rogers’ School opened for ‘poor girls to be trained for domestic service’

  • National School became Ivybridge Board School, using old buildings and extending them

  • Dame Hannah Rogers’ School modernised and became an Orthopaedic Hospital School

  • Sunnyside School (private) opened

  • Known as Ivybridge Council School. Evacuees are accommodated in the school and the White House

  • Dame Hannah Rogers’ School became a school for children with Cerebral Palsy

  • Sunnyside School is closed

  • Ivybridge Secondary School opened

  • Dame Hannah’s moved to a new site to the west of Ivybridge

  • Manor Junior School built

  • Manor Junior School opened, alongside Station Road Infants School (the old primary school)

  • Ivybridge Secondary School became Ivybridge Comprehensive School, later Ivybridge Community College

  • Stowford Primary School opened

  • Woodlands Primary School opened, with Station Road Infants becoming Erme Primary School. Manor Junior becoming Manor Primary School

  • Ivybridge Community College became an academy. Dame Hannah’s opened a new facility at Seale-Hayne, Newton Abbot, for young adults with disabilities

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