The Bridge Ceremony

With the Bridge Ceremony having taken place in Ivybridge in June, the origins of this tradition are researched and the ceremony proceedings explained. A brief video from this year’s ceremony has also been included.

Primary Schools in Ivybridge

    The latest additions to the website include research on all the Primary Schools in Ivybridge, with further information on the remaining schools to follow. There is also a timeline recording all the major events linked to education in Ivybridge dating back as far as 1789.

The China Clay Works at Redlake

  Many local people will recognise the long sheds and stone chimney located at Cantrell, on the outskirts of Ivybridge, but maybe less will know about the work that took place there. The latest web pages take a look at Redlake China Clay Works, including the construction of the tramway to access the site on…

Security Document Paper made in Ivybridge

It is now over 3 years since the paper mill in Ivybridge ceased production, so for the latest new web pages we take a look back at some of the high profile papers it manufactured during its long history in the town. Over the decades it made a vast array of watermarked document papers, for…

Longtimber Woods

  The latest pages take us on a stroll through Longtimber Woods visiting the old swimming pool and discussing the possibilities of reinstating a former foot bridge across the River Erme, to provide access to the moors and create a circular route around Ivybridge.

Stowford Paper Mill Photo Album

Under the title ‘Manufacturing and Modernisation’ the latest web pages delve into Stowford Paper Mill’s photo albums to review the major investment projects and process improvement initiatives implemented from the 1950s through to the 1990s. These decades witnessed major investment at the Ivybridge site, helping the mill to remain competitive within the global markets it…

Boundary Stones of Ivybridge

In August, Ivybridge Heritage & Archives Group coordinated the retrieval of the boundary stone from the river and its reinstatement at Erme Playing Fields. What better time to add some new web pages regarding all the Boundary Stones of Ivybridge. To compliment this, we have included some information on the historic milestone on Exeter Road and…